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The community art counselling training starts on 18 January 2022

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Section 9: Additional resources

Click on the links to access these resources:

Reshaping social entrepreneurship https://wagner.nyu.edu/files/performance/ReshapingSE.pdf

The meaning of social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship: The case for definition

Social and commercial entrepreneurship: same, different or both?

Two keys to sustainable social enterprise

Why stories matter: The art and craft of social change


References for this module:

Bacq, S. & Janssen, F., 2011. The multiple faces of social entrepreneurship: A review of definitional issues based on geographical and thematic criteria.. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal, 23(5-6), pp. 373 - 403.

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Radebe, K. & Nkonyeni, N., 2020. NGOs today: Competing for resources, power and agency. [Online] Available at: https://gsbberthacentre.uct.ac.za/ngos-today-competing-for-resources-power-and-agency/  [Accessed 23 August 2021].


Well done. You have almost completed the module and the training - just the final assessment to do! But before you do your final assessment - we would like to hear more about what you enjoyed, what you didn’t enjoy and what you found frustrating about the course. It will help us improve as we continue to bring community art counselling skills to as many people as we can. Please send us an email with your feedback. It will be greatly appreciated


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