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The community art counselling training starts on 18 January 2022

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Group activity 3: Warm Up/Beginnings

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Check in with the group and reflect on your experiences since the previous module.

Group members stand in a circle, with enough chairs for everyone, but one. The community art counsellor begins by standing in the middle and introducing the exercise, with the first ‘I like …’ statement.

Example: The community art counsellor says ‘I like chocolate’

All group members that agree with this statement will stand up from their chair and run to find another chair. The community art counsellor will also dash to find a chair. As there is one chair less, there will always be one person standing in the middle of the group. 

It is now this person’s chance to say ‘I like …’ All those that agree will stand up and dash to find a new chair. 

And so the process goes. You cannot take your own chair back.

When the community art counsellor or group member gets back to the middle of the group more than once they can change the ‘I like …’ statement to any of the following (not limited to, but including):

‘It makes me happy when…’

‘My favourite thing is …’

‘I dislike …’

 ‘I am angered by…’ 

An online version of the activity will be adapted for Zoom.

Please write a paragraph in your journal about how this activity was for you then take a picture and upload.

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