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Group activity 6: Media exploration exercises

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Preparation: A roll of paper and drawing materials are available just outside the circle anticipating the second part of the process/ an online group space (where you can create, e.g. Jamboard or Zoom whiteboard) is used for this group activity when it takes place online.

Purpose: Enter the space of exploring different kinds of mark-making and using materials in a non-threatening way.

  1. a) Air Painting

Seated or standing, imagine you are in a studio and have a variety of materials available to you. Pick up an imaginary brush, or roller or sponge creating an imaginary picture using a variety of movements, dabs, wide brush strokes etc. Use as many parts of your body to paint with including your feet, hands etc. Experiment with a wide range of movements.

  1. b) This could be expanded to move into a group process making real marks after they have been made in an imaginary way. The roll of paper is spread in the middle of the room with potential materials / an online group creating space like white board is made available and the facilitator encourages the use of different mark-making and may even choose to play music for people to respond to. 

Objective: Increasing confidence to take risks, use materials in an experimental way.

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