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Group activity 6: Somatic body images / ‘gingerbread man’ body scan

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You will be provided with an image of the brain.

Part 3: Use play dough or coloured clay and make: 

  • the almond-like amygdale
  • the seahorse like hippocampus and 
  • the connections between the 2 on a scale that they can integrate it into their body scan.

With a partner, explain the function and importance of these neurological structures as you would do with a client in the psycho-education step of the trauma model (both are to have a turn).

Now, move your clay brain to somatic body scan, and write above it what you think when you feel the emotions you wrote down, using the same colours allocated to each emotion. What is the cognitive process? How easy was it to think about your feelings? Discuss this process in the big group.

Take a photo of your brain and body scan and upload


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