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Individual activity 4: Listening

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a) Remembering a time when you were listened to:

Close your eyes, sit comfortably, relax your body and breathe in and out … in and out… Think back to a time when you were really listened to by somebody and felt heard and understood. You may not be thinking of a specific instance but you may start to recall sensations and feelings. If you remember a particular time try to recall who you were talking to, what you were saying and what about their responses, body language and presence helped to make you feel heard?

Now slowly open your eyes and using any of the materials available make an image about what it FELT like to be heard. You need not illustrate the experience, but try to find materials that capture your feelings. Let the materials guide you and respond instinctively to them. They may well lead you deeper into the memories and your feelings. You may want to weave words into your image.

b) Remembering a time when you weren’t listened to:

Close your eyes and think back now to a time when you weren’t listened to and what you were saying wasn’t heard or understood. Try to recall who you were talking to and how their responses, tone of voice and body language mitigated their capacity to listen to you. Now, using any of the materials provided, make an image that expresses how it felt for you not to be listened to

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