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Individual activity 7: Containment and holding

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Explore the material and create a container. 

The properties of clay:

  • Clay can be used wet, messy or drier and more controllable.
  • Clay takes the form of the person creating.
  • Try to let the qualities of clay determine the process rather than predetermining the process.
  • Listen to what is emerging, when it cracks, won’t bond, changes shape be aware of how that makes you feel. 
  • You need to wedge the clay first if you want to fire it – the preparation of it is analogous to building trust in the group with clients. There can be no air bubbles or the clay may explode in the kiln.
  • Can make a pinch pot using a ball as the starting point to mould your container or begin with creating a firm enough foundation/base for the layers to be added to.  
  • If creating coils or adding pieces to the container, it is important that the connections are secure. There needs to be a process of adhesion. The building up process may be akin to the building up of self, needing constant reinforcement and care. 
  • If one has facilities for firing and glazing, this process further embellishes and secures the container.


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