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Module 2 Assessment

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Part A: Module reflection activity 

Choose one meaningful experience from this module and create an image and a written reflection demonstrating what you have gained that brings you closer to becoming a community art counsellor. 

Please keep one copy in your reflective journal and take a photo and upload to your student dashboard.


Part B: Module assessment 

This assignment is to be completed in your own time and submitted on or before the given due date. 

Please answer ALL questions.

Always use YOUR OWN WORDS – copying or paraphrasing from any source (even the manual) is plagiarism.

Submission of this assessment is a declaration that this is your own work.



Explain what is meant by the term counselling. (3 marks)

Explain the aims of counselling. (8 marks)

Explain the difference between sympathy, empathy, apathy and identification. One-two line definitions, make sure to discuss the differences. (8 marks)

Identify and explain the qualities a Community Art Counsellor should have. Name and explain at least four qualities. (8 marks)

Identify and explain Biestek’s seven principles, name and clarify each. (14 marks)

Discuss the guidelines for responding. (9 marks)

Discuss how to use questions constructively. (10 marks)


This is a reflective section of the assessment. It doesn’t have mark allocations, but we will give you a suggested requirement where possible.

Give at least 5 points and your own observations/experience on each: 

  1. How would you know when someone is listening to you?
  2. How would you know when someone is NOT listening to you?

In this module, you have learned different counselling techniques and the use of art as a method. Reflect on how these will change your counselling approach in future. Please include an artwork as a reflection on this. Take a photo and upload image


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