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Module 3 Assessment

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Part A: Module reflection activity 

Choose one meaningful experience from this module and create an image and a written reflection demonstrating what you have gained that brings you closer to becoming a community art counsellor. 

Please keep one copy in your reflective journal and take a photo and upload to your student dashboard.


Part B: Module assessment 

This assignment is to be completed in your own time and submitted on or before the given due date. 

Please answer ALL questions.

Always use YOUR OWN WORDS – copying or paraphrasing from any source (even the manual) is plagiarism.

Submission of this assessment is a declaration that this is your own work.



Explain the Lefika La Phodiso model in your own words. Refer specifically to different pillars in your explanation. (10 marks)

What are the roots of community art counselling? (2 marks)

Who is the forefather of psychoanalysis? (1 mark)

What is understood by the unconscious in psychoanalytic psychology? (6 marks)

What is social dreaming? (3 marks)

List the five (5) basic concepts of psychoanalysis with a brief description of each. (15 marks)

  1. Define and describe the concept of re-entering. (3 marks)

How can the community art counsellor use this concept in working with groups? Give examples. (7 marks)

Name the four (4) attachment styles and give a brief explanation of each. (12 marks)

Define and describe the concepts “holding” and “containment”. (6 marks)


Reflect on how attachment theory, psychoanalysis and the Lefika La Phodiso model will influence how you approach and set up a group in future. Create an art work that speaks to this reflection. The art work can be any size, please hand in a copy and keep a copy in your visual diary. Take a photo and upload image


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