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The community art counselling training starts on 18 January 2022

You will be notified via email a week prior to commencement. Thank you for your support.
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Student area is currently undergoing important maintenance.

All users will be notified via email once online again.
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If you are not located in Johannesburg, Lefika La Phodiso will support you to identify a suitable site and to set up your group. Many people who do the community art counselling training are already working in communities or schools or other institutional setting where groups already exist or are easy to set up. If you are not in such a situation - we would help you to identify a suitable NGO, school, or other and you would then approach them to request setting up a group for a period of time - first identifying with the organisation the need and then orientate your group accordingly. These hours must be documented and signed off by a supervisor. You will attend weekly supervision via zoom with Lefika and write and submit weekly reports.