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The community art counselling training starts on 18 January 2022

You will be notified via email a week prior to commencement. Thank you for your support.
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Student area is currently undergoing important maintenance.

All users will be notified via email once online again.
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Each module consists of two forms of assessments:

Formative: This is what you will have completed experientially during the online training and take the form of assignments, activities and quizzes. You are also required to keep an A3 Visual Diary for all your experiential training activities. This will form part of your Portfolio of Evidence (POE) should you proceed with accreditation.

Summative: A set of questions (an ‘assessment’) will be given out after every module to be completed before you can enter the next module. This will be assessed by an external assessor and moderator should you proceed with accreditation.
Please note that if at any point during the accreditation process, you require a remark of your assessments, you will be liable for the additional costs.