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The community art counselling training starts on 18 January 2022

You will be notified via email a week prior to commencement. Thank you for your support.
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“What did I gain from doing the community art counselling course? Doing the community art counselling course took me along a self-growth path that I had not expected. In having to learn how to empathically relate to people to help them grow, I went through my own growth that allowed me to be different in the world, see the world differently and engage with people differently. It made me aware of how important witnessing and being witnessed, through an artistic medium, can be. And how therapeutic, powerful, and empowering the process of art-making can be in our own growth and healing. I gained an appreciation for noticing the little things, for listening with intent, for using the arts to overcome the complexity of words, for seeing and understanding the other person's perspective through their art. I gained an understanding that through the intentional therapeutic use of the arts, I can make a positive impact or provide an alternative, positive experience for someone else. The community art counselling training was a space where my passion met my purpose.”